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sprite rotation


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Hello there! This is my first post and  hope I'm not writing to wrong section.

Anyways, I'm writing some board game, which uses cards (e.g Hearthstone).

I'll be honest that I'm not that good in Math (I know, you would ask then why I'm doing it. Well, just to learn).


I'm using simple cards, but I would like to place it like in Hearthstone (like a "fan")

Here's the sample: DSAM8UJ8Q6B41379665685849.jpg

Cards at bottom are aligned with rotation and not straight.


Can anyone give me a point or formula how can I solve that?

Also forgive my English skills as well. If you don't understood anything, let me know!



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Hi! Thanks for reply!
I'm drawing cards with simple function like:

for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++){    var card = game.sprite.add(..);}

but as I mentioned in above post, I'm not that good in Math, I know only basics. Can you please provide more details if you don't mind?


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