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Why does this.load.path not get reset when starting a new state?


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I found a strange (to me) behaviour. The 'this.load.path' value is not reset to null or an empty string at the end/start of a new state. I guess i see why you might want to set it once, if you have 1 place that you store all your content, but this behaviour caught me out. 


Is there a reason why it is not cleared automatically? I'd just like to know why the decision was made to have it that way. I guess i have been setting it in each State so this hasn't bit me before! 





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I'm not the OP, but I found this as well.

this.game.state.start('Preloader', true, false);

The way I move between states is given above (for example, the above is in my Boot state).


I got hung up briefly the first time I ran into this, but then I figured the load manager was probably for the entirety of the game, so it makes sense it would persist between state changes.

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