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Load GLTF Mesh from Scene


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is it actually possible to load a gltf mesh in to Babylon?


I noticed that gltf mesh loading is not working so far, but isnt it possible to add a loaded mesh from scene A to scene B like with the code below?

            BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load("./assets/", "character.gltf", this.engine, function (gltf) {                myotherscene.addMesh(gltf.meshes[0])            });

Actually this is resulting in to a freezed screen...  Am I doing something wrong here or is this just not supported?





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Hi hen,

A mesh belongs to a certain scene and I'm not sure what the consequences are, if you add it to another. I guess you just found out :-)

There are two ways to solve this -

Use the append function, instead of load. This function accepts a scene as a variable, instead of the engine. It will load the objects to this scene, instead of creating a new one.

The second option is to use the mesh's clone function. You could clone it to another scene.

BTW - I am assuming here that the loader is working correctly. You could have the same question for any other file type.

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Hi RaananW,


the append function works actually to load the asset, but it seems that theres no way to track what has been loaded, such as mesh IDs, materials etc...


Using sceneloader.load i did add a loop over the loaded meshes, cloned each and added it to the scene using scene.addMesh(mesh), but this ends up with a freezed screen.


Maybe i need to clone the bones separately?

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scene.addMesh won't probably be enough. the mesh has a private scene reference.

This won't be as easy as I thought. You will need to add the materials, geometries, skeletons etc' to the new scene as well. 


I really think the append function (or the ImportMesh, which can import specific meshes) would be the safest choice. You can use tags, and add a tag to any object that was already processed by you. Then scan the scene for meshes / other nodes that don't have this tag. This way you can easily tell what was appended.

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Hi Luaacro,


yes the loader works well when I append the whole scene, even with more complicated animated meshes.


The application i work on allows collaborative editing of the game levels. To make this work right with gltf, i would need somehow to set the IDs to the meshes.


Actually i dont need to load all content from gltf. Could i maybe clone the geometry and skeleton to create a new mesh in that other scene?



Another question is about attaching skinned mesh props to a skeleton.

Ive seen a demo about bone attachments, but is that working for skinned meshes like character clothings as well?

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Thanks for updating the loader!


Actually I still have problems using it, maybe its because im using the babylon alpha?

The code below is freezing the scene and causes a browser crash.

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh(null, "./assets/", "man.gltf", this.scene, function (meshes, particleSystems, skeletons) {            console.log(meshes, skeletons)  // never reached        });
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Thanks hen for the model

I think it is related to the camera view (badly set by the loader or badly set in the file). I'm taking a look on it.


I used this workflow to test your 3D model (created my own camera instead of the one in the glTF file)

var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine);var camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera("camera", 0, 0, 20, BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene);camera.attachControl(canvas);BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh(null, "Tests/glTF/", "man.gltf", scene, function (meshes) {    camera.target = meshes[0];});
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