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TileSprite tilePosition bug in v2.4.4?


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I am drawing TileSprite images (256 x 64 and 256 x 32) and they are rendering incorrectly.  I am only tiling horizontally.


The 256 x 64 image is rendering as if I had set sprite.tilePosition.y = 1, although tilePosition.y is actually 0.  The 256 x 32 image is rendering as if I had set sprite.tilePosition.y = -1, although tilePosition.y is actually 0.


The console reports Phaser v2.4.4 and Pixi v2.2.9.


After quite a bit of debugging I found that the bug is caused by non-integer values passed to width and height of the Phaser.Game constructor.

Phaser.Game(width, height, Phaser.CANVAS, 'game');// Warning: If width or height is not an integer, then TileSprite may not render correctly.

It seems like the root problem is some precision errors in the rendering code.


I have posted a bug about this on the GitHub repository.





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