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Persist keyboard events between states


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Is it possible to persist keyboard events between states? I am setting one with `game.input.keyboard.addKey()` and `myKey.onUp.add()` in the first state `create` function, but changing states seems to remove the listener.


I'm using 2.4.4, but can't find the documentation for what occurs between state transitions, is this available somewhere?


Thanks in advance

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I'd love to hear other people chime in but here's what I do (not authoritative! not a best practice or anything! just what works for me!)


If it's something that needs to be a part of the update or render cycle I make a Phaser.Plugin. Anything that manages tweens, or ensures timings between events, even particle effects, that kind of thing... I tend to make those Plugins. Most of those plugins make themselves properties of the game instance.


If it's just a collection of stuff that would be handy to reference elsewhere I make an object and stick it on the game instance, too.  For example, every layer in my game is hung off a "groups" property on the game instance.

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