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Scale to fit the screen

sm4 (Kulíš Android)

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I just started working with Phaser. I picked it for this contest: http://meta.gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/1356/the-first-gdse-gamejam Disclaimer:I never really worked with JavaScript.


I already have a simple skeleton of the game running, took me about 4 hours to find out how Phaser works + code it. Great job to make it really simple. But I can't seem to find a way how to scale the whole page to a mobile screen. Because the game jam deadline is quite close, I implemented a custom scaling workaround*, but of course a nice way would be better.


* setting scale of everything manually

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Hello, and greetings for choosing Phaser. :P


The first thing that i can help you without seeing any of your code is:


1. Example going full screen you can fiddle with the different scale methods



2. Definitely check this topic as i posted some of them:



and maybe read this topic too:




Here a link to the docs too:


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