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very basic example game


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Hi guys,


I had a little play around with bablyon.js a few weeks ago just to see what I could do. Here's a VERY basic 'game' that I created.




Basic controls are:

 - move ship with cursor keys

 - shoot with space bar



 - shoot the spheres


The code covers some basic collision detection, particle effects, model loading, scene management and basic animation.

I used howler.js library for managing the audio and there's a basic slider for controlling the volume.



Source code here:




I'll try to tidy up the source code some time so its a little easier to read :)  - this was just a project for me to play around with BabylonJS


I love the simplicity of loading 3d models, only a problem I found though was the availability of free 3d models that worked with the exporter. Some just didn't seem to load in the game atall, others game in with messed up coordinate systems and many objects were actually multiple meshes. I wanted to had a missile mesh but settled for a simple sphere as the projectile in the end.



Anyway hope someone finds the example code useful, I need to find some time to get on with another game....





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To export complex objects, you should think about importing them into blender and use our blender exporter

This is what I tried. Alot of the models I tried were in 3DS or OBJ format, imported this into blender and then exported the scene.


I could be doing something wrong so I'll keep playing around and testing things out :)

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Hi ! 

I experimented some black screen flickering, I don't know if it's a feature (maybe when the ship health is low ?) or not.


But very very good job anyway !



hmm can't say ive seen that but I'll keep any eye out for it

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