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There are a few good lists on this forum, here and here are a few lists of beginner resources (I've no idea personally if they are any good but at this stage you just need to read and read and write code and write code). This forum is pretty active and you normally get decent responses, particularly if you use phaser, babylon or pixi (phaser is an entire game framework, babylon is a 3d renderer, pixi a 2d renderer).


Stack overflow is a go-to resource for getting answers and they have several mature methods to try and ensure high quality answers, you'll still get the dross through and it can be very confusing for beginners.


Paper and ink is still the best way to get started in my opinion, grab yourself a book. Try to make it a popular one that focusses on exactly the type of stuff you want to create. The author will have their own opinions but when you are learning its often best to learn from one opinion, then, when you get better, start researching on forums and blog posts etc etc where you will face multiple different solutions. In the JS world there are usually 4 or 5 different ways to solve a problem, often with very little differences between them, making sense of this mess as an experienced coder is hard at times, as a beginner, its super difficult!


Which brings me to my first piece of actual advice: be persistent.


As with any learning, there will be peaks and troughs, there will successes and failures and there will be times when you just are not clear how to proceed. So, be persistent, keep going, refuse to give in, accept that coding is hard and that web coding requires knowledge of (at least) JS, HTML and CSS, its tough, its a long road, but keep going, its fun, creating things is fun, you'll get there. Be smart, gain knowledge, write code, write lots and lots of code, write good code, learn from it, write bad code, learn from it, study others peoples code, learn to read it, learn why they made their choices, open github issues, twitter stalk devs you like, ask them questions, the dev community is great, some will respond, write more code, write library code, write application code, ask questions, research answers, be persistent, keep going!


And, most importantly, have fun!

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