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Adding Physics to Graphics Object


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Hi everyone!

I'm using Phaser for a school projects, and our team needs a lot of rectangles of varying sizes and colors, but they need to have collision. I've tried creating a Graphics object and adding it as a child of a sprite. The sprite.addChild function works without a hitch. However, whenever I try to enable physics on the sprite, I get an error: (all the objects render, (the player, the rectangle, etc) but nothing moves)



Here is the code in question:

walls = this.add.graphics(0,0);walls.boundsPadding = 0;walls.beginFill(0xFFCCAA,  1);walls.drawRect(0,game.world.height-30,game.world.width,30);con = this.add.sprite(0,0,null);con.addChild(walls);game.physics.enable(con, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);con.body.immovable = true;

If I comment the last two lines out, the player moves as expected, though it does not collide with the platform.

What's up, and how can I fix this?


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Well I am not sure exactly how to help you since it is showing an error on a piece of code that you didnt post.... but if you comment out those last two lines and the code works there could be an error there as well.


Try changing


  • game.physics.enable(con, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);





as for collisions you need to  update method


// in update


game.physics.arcade.collide(con, whatever other sprite you want it to collide with);



let me know if this helped.

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