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How do you update BitmapData ?


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I'm trying to render  a dynamic bitmap shadow, similar to this example:


I'm trying to replicate it using the shadow method:


Here's what I have (I think the problem is on line 44):


 I guess my question is, how do you update BitmapData  ? Any help is appreciated. 




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I got it!  (well dr.hayes in the salck channel got it)  In case anyone want to add  dynamic shadows to your images.... you have to redraw the bmd in update() . check the codepen for an example. 

function update () {

  offset = moveToXY(game.input.activePointer, sprite.x, sprite.y, 8);
  bmd.shadow('rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)', 5, offset.x, offset.y); 



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