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Sound makes a crackle, pop or static noise then disables


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In my game, I load sound, play it, and destroy it at end of game, repeat this process, no problem with my desktop. The problem occurs on my mobile generic android phone which uses Google Chrome browser. What I can tell is there is some kind of crackle later in the game, and it randomly seems to appear. I believe it is because a sound is being played way too much, like repeatedly until it can't and breaks. I usually hear a loud pop, crackle, or static noise before all sounds stops working and in some cases the sound for the game continues to play until destroyed, after being destroyed, I reload the sound and it will not play anymore. So I tried .stop() before .play() and it seems to make the issue happen a lot less, but I am not 100% sure. I am using Phaser 2.4.4. I can reload the webpage and it works fine again until the problem reoccurs.

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