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Bad Performance in IE 11


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One of our customers complains that our web-application is unusable in IE 11.
On my desktop system at work everything is fine so i made some tests at home on my Windows 10 notebook.
I used this demo to test the performance in different browsers: http://www.babylonjs.com/Demos/SSAO/
Here are the results:

Chrome - 30 fps
Edge - 29 fps
Firefox - 12 fps
IE 11 - 5 fps

As you can see it runs smooth on Chrome and Edge. Firefox is slow but still usable.
IE 11 is very slow which is also the problem in our application.
I noticed that Chrome uses only 17% of the CPU while running the demo but IE 11 uses 99% of the CPU and the fan in my notebook is going crazy :huh:

Is this a known issue? Can it be solved in some way? ... or is IE 11 really that bad?


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Ok i think i know the reason. IE 11 doesn't seem to like my graphics card and uses the software renderer (Microsoft Basic Render Driver) as a fallback.
Someone know if it is possible to force IE to use the hardware?
Maybe an update to the graphic driver would help but i think there are no new drivers for my "old" notebook.


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