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Stutter / jank on even the simplest of demos, even while CPU is idle


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Hi all,

In every demo I try, even the simple http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/# with nothing added on top of that, I get stutter / jank every second or so, which is somewhat annoying.

If I check the Chrome dev tools, it shows indeed that the framerate drops every second, but in the meantime it shows that nothing in particular is happening at that time, and that the used CPU time is only 1ms or so, with 15ms idle every frame. I have the same problem in Firefox and IE Edge. So it something in my PC, I guess...

What could be the potential cause for that issue? Would it be related to the GPU with VSync issues or something like that? Is there a tool to check that?

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Aw yeah, after fiddling around with Nvidia settings, reading through forums etc etc, it appeared that f/lux was the problem. It is an app to filter out blue light at night, but apparently it causes real stutter amongst other apps with it runs...

I simply switched it off and 3D in the browser is all butter smooth now; excellent! :-D

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