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Grouping objects (but not parenting)?


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I want to group objects together by adding them to a group but I dont want to parent them since I want to move each child separately. 

In three.js this can be done with 

    var levelGroup_1 = new THREE.Group();
    levelGroup_1.children.forEach(function(item) {};


How can this be achived in babylon?


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srry about that. My first time here in babylon forum. 

I want to spawn the objects in this group at random distance apart from each other, then reposition them to various random positions throughout the level, in an infinite game.  

So, I want to position, scale, move/translate the objects independent of parent (although i never move the parent itself so maybe normal parenting ought to be enuff. I will try but just wanted to know of there was any other grouping mechanism other than parenting)


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