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Multiple tilemaps


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I'm still stuck trying to do this. Looking at the internals of the various tile classes, it looks like a tilemaplayer is actually some kind of large sprite, with it's own canvas internally. I'm not sure how to begin doing what I want to do. Has anyone else attempted anything similar, or am I simply trying to do something impossible?

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Well I saw that post, and my thoughts was:


"Hmm this sounds a little weird, could this be done in some other way, like just loading new tile map when hit the border of the current, just like loading next level"...


And I decided to skip my post :P...

but since no one is talking for this issue and you have to *bump, now you have my opinion. ;)

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when you say "seamlessly", do you mean that the player would not notice any difference at all when they moved between the tilemaps, or something like in the original Legend of Zelda, where one screen slid off and the new one slid on...


I can imagine some tricks to accomplish the latter, but the former doesn't seem too likely - after all, if you have the resources to hold two tilemaps and move between them as if they were one, why not just use one larger tilemap?

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