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GLTF Loader Bugs - Summary


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I created a summary of bugs with the current version of the GLTF loader.
The playground does not load gltf actually, so i attached a zip file wich contains a scene with several meshes.

Here is a summary:

- Static meshes: the cube, sphere, teapot and torusknot are working but somehow their color is changing with every page reload.
- Animated meshes: the cube wich has a 3 bone skeleton with simple animation and the 2 characters are not working.

All the gltf files has been tested on other engines to make sure they are correctly converted.
Even i tested each of this meshes converted to the .babylon format wich worked as well.

There is more issues with gltf than the ones showed in this test scene.
It would be great to have the loader in the playground to show issues happening with physics and transforms.
If thats not possible for some reason i could might be create a simple express server to test them on.


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