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Strange behavior of zoom script


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Hi Guys,

I'm experiencing a strange behaivior when zooming in and out. While i can grasp(a little) what is happening I have problems solving it.

When an object in my game is clicked it is zoomed in. I accomplish this by using

game.camera.follow(object, Phaser.Camera.FOLLOW_LOCKON);

to keep the object in the center of the view. Then i set:

game.world.scale.setTo(x, y);

every tick + 0.01 until I hit 1(or close to it)

This worked as a cool zoom feature for some time.

Now its starting to give me trouble.(I think after changing the wrld bounds and unbounding the camera, but i tried and can't make it work again.)

On the first zoom step the object is jumping a few pixels right and down.

On the last zoom step the object is juming back to the center.

I checked whats happening step by step (by decreasing the tickrate) and to me it looks like the game is doing the following:

tick 1

follow with camera

zoom in (object is jumping)



tick 2

follow with camera

zoom in (object is jumping)



Thats why at the first tick it is jumping and at the last one its jumping back into position.

Is there a way to turn around the order? so that its first followed and then directly rendered?

This should be possible somehow in the render function, but i just can't get my head around it.


Thanks for your help,



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Found the Problem after some testing.

game.camera.follow(object, Phaser.Camera.FOLLOW_LOCKON);

Does basicly the same thing as

game.camera.setPositionXY(object.x, object.y);

in every tick. But this is wrong when scaling since its locking to the position of the object in the previous scale. correct would be:

game.camera.setPositionXY(object.x * newScaleX, object.y * newScaleY);

This solved it for me.

Zooming is now smooth as wanted.

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