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Normals or Z issue with Alpha material..


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I'm not sure what exactly is the issue here but, i have a mesh which is exported from Max with a simple material with jpg in diffuse and a b+w jpg in the opacity slot.

For some reason this is rendering in Babylon almost as if the normals are inverted, or maybe as if there is some z-sorting issue going on ( ie the object is not transparent, but where parts of the object visually overlap itself on screen there seems to be transparency, hence why i'm thinking maybe z issues ).. 

The alpha itself seems to be working as expected, and the material inside babylon appears to be set up correctly with the jpg showing up as the materials 'opacityTexture' etc..

Any clues what's going on?  I've tried checking mesh normals inside Max etc everything is fine :/


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Well, i've discovered the issue, and it's at my side not with Babylon..

The meshes causing problems are showing up in 3ds Max's X-View as having several Flipped UVW Faces..  In almost 20 years of doing 3d i don't think i've ever had this particular issue, i guess there's always room for new problems :)  I think it might be because the meshes has been bounced between C4D/ZBrush and then using Max to export to babylon, at some point some of the UV faces have got uhh, flipped..  The meshes have been decimated in Zbrush to nail the polycount and then further tweaked/optimised in C4D before finally being transferred over to Max as FBX format so i can only guess at some point in the chain something has went amiss.  The vertex order of the meshes seem to be all over the place also ( although until i apply an alpha texture they look and render perfectly fine ) so i guess that's also symptomatic of whatever caused it.  I've tried a number of things to fix it ( without redoing UVW maps completely ) but looks like i'm going to have to bit the bullet and redo them.  Weird!

Thanks for the help and keep up the good work on Babylon guys!

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