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Max exporter issues


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I'm trying to export a book with flipping pages. (book_002 and book_003 are screenshots from cinema 4d).

I save as fbx and run it through max 2015. It looks perfect in max as well. But after export with max exporter 0.25 the animations run fine except that the rotations of the bones are not very accurate. And pages are sticking through eachother (book_001).

So I thought I'd use the lates version of the exporter (0.4) but that results in rotated bones that make it useless (book_000)

Is there any way to make the export of the rotation values more precise?

And.. is it a bug in max exporter 0.4 or do I have to set things up differently?

I hope anyone knows.. thanks,


BOOK_0002_Layer 3.jpg

BOOK_0003_Layer 1.jpg

BOOK_0001_Layer 2.jpg

BOOK_0000_Layer 4.jpg


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that did it! The fbx exporter is a lot more precise with those animated values. The only issue for me is that the textures are not exported with it. And the frame numbers don't correspond with the fbx file. But.. things I can work around a lot better than the incorrect values.

So thanks for your answer!

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