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How to animate sprite


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and play here..

What i am wanting is to know how do I animate the character. and how can i animate the enemies.
I have extended the character (turtle.png) sprite sheet, but I don't know how to animate it when he walks. Or how to Animate the enimies, can anyone help me?




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So, you can see where all the added Animation code is..
with //Added by Oroton.

Any help here would be good. I just can't figure out why it isn't animating I think it's a syntax error.

Found around Here..

Sprite.prototype.draw = function() {
    if (!this.flashOn) {
            this.tileset.image,           /*         Obscure everthing below this           */          //Added by Oroton
            this.states[this.currentState].frames[this.states[this.currentState].currentFrame].split(',')[0] * this.tileset.tileWidth,
            this.states[this.currentState].frames[this.states[this.currentState].currentFrame].split(',')[1] * this.tileset.tileHeight,
            this.tileset.tileWidth,       /*         Obscure everthing above this           */          //Added by Oroton


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Try to change the current sprite every X frames.

I use a counter for this task. Its value is raised by 1 every thime I refresh the screen. So if I update the screen 60 times per second (which means it's running with 60 FPS), I tell my objects which one of their costumes should they wear for the first 10 frames, then the next 10 and so on until their cycle is finished, then I set the counter back to 0.

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