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VR --> A-Frame vs BablyonJS


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I am currently trying to develop some vr apps for Google Cardboard, Rift etc...

I guess at the end of the day it is clear that BabylonJS looks more developed than A-Frame, but A-Frame is built by Mozilla, which means:

1). It will likely stay around for some time (though it is built on top of ThreeJS, not sure what happens when that stops being developed).
2). Will stay open and remain with an open license
3). Will follow new specs as they are released, and contribute to them
4). Possibly better experience for VR since that is there focus

I do like that BabylonJS seems more powerful though. Any thoughts, pros-cons?


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A-Frame and BabylonJS are build for 2 seperate goals.

A-Frame: Build a scene

BabylonJS: Build a game (and you can ofcourse also build a scene)

I looked at A-Frame a while back, but for example, there is no build in way available at this moment for getting custom input from the mouse/keyboard. You have the default keyboard behaviour, and that's about it. Also no physics for A-Frame.

Also A-Frame is building your scene in HTML (with proper classes defined.) BabylonJS is.. JS.




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