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Phaser Calculating A tangent Angles Wrong?


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I'm trying to connect two sprites with a line (also a sprite). I tried using the code :

return this._game.math.angleBetweenY(this._node1.x, this._node1.y, this._node2.x, this._node2.y) * 57.2958;

This returned a value of 46.68470101066656 and was incorrectly calculating the angle between two objects.

I wrote my own function using JavaScript's Math.atan2 function, like this : 

calcAngle2() {
	let dx = this._node1.x - this._node2.x;
	let dy = this._node1.y - this._node2.y;
	let theta = Math.atan2(dy, dx);
	theta *= 180 / Math.PI;
	return theta + 180;

This returned a value of 43.31531568210369. Please see the attached images for demo. 

Am I using phaser's angleBetweenY incorrectly, or is there an issue when using sprites?


Phaser  Angle.png

JavaScript Angle.png

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Hi, thi is Phaser source for angleBetweenY:

    * Find the angle of a segment from (x1, y1) -> (x2, y2).
    * Note that the difference between this method and Math.angleBetween is that this assumes the y coordinate travels
    * down the screen.
    * @method Phaser.Math#angleBetweenY
    * @param {number} x1
    * @param {number} y1
    * @param {number} x2
    * @param {number} y2
    * @return {number} The angle, in radians.
    angleBetweenY: function (x1, y1, x2, y2) {
        return Math.atan2(x2 - x1, y2 - y1);

 You have switched x and y arguments - your method is like angleBetween(), not angleBetweenY().

 Regarding results: 46.68470101066656 + 43.31531568210369 = 90 :)

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