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Phaser and minimaps


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Hey guys. Been working with phaser for a bit now, and i'm currently trying to make a minimap (overview of a fixed region in my current state). That said, there is not much documentation on how to do something like this, and I am still a newbie to phaser, so it's giving me  hard time. 

Here are the links i<ve already read :




What I have tried is using a bitmap of the state's layer, and putting it in a square on the top right of my screen. Now, I am ok with the palcement, drawing, etc. I have a square with the texture inside it. 

The problem is, I can't get the good region to show inside the minimap. I have weird graphical glitches when I move, and it shows a 1:1 of the nearby background.


Heres the snippet for the creation and update of my minimap


	// Init vars
	var heightMax = 200;
	var widthMax = 200;
	//  //

	if (this.miniMapBitmap == null)
		this.miniMapBitmap = MyGame.game.add.bitmapData(widthMax, heightMax);
		this.miniMapBitmap.ctx.rect(0, 0, widthMax, heightMax);

		var area = {
			x: 0 ,
			y: 0 ,
			width: 1200,
			height: 1200
        //testLayer is a state layer
		this.miniMapBitmap.copyRect(testLayer, area, 0, 0, 1);
	this.miniMap = MyGame.game.add.sprite(MyGame.game.camera.width - 200, 0, this.miniMapBitmap);
	this.miniMap.fixedToCamera = true;

This is called on player movement.

Note that the area var is set to testing parameters, since I have no clue on what it should be (The other links didn't help)


I'd love to have your more knowledgeable opinions on this!

Thanks in advance

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