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updateMeshPositions as Normal Calculator?


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Quick question, I am about to test it but I am working on some other stuff for the next hour or so and before I get to this problem I figured I would ask the community.


I have a Theory that if I use:

updateMeshPositions(positionFunction, computeNormals)

and in the function just tell it that positions = positions or even skip that step and literally, just call the function with the flag computeNormals if it will update the normal data on the mesh?

I kinda doubt it because I am assuming that the new normal data come from the manipulation of the Vertices in the function itself as it propagates.

Is there a way to push the results of a VertexData manipulation to also update the Normals, I know its not inherent because I have logged the response after manipulation and it is the same as before.


Yea I guess it does work... after you manipulate the vertexData just pass the mesh through Mesh.updateMeshPositions(function(){}, true); and you will update the normals...


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of course, it works ;-)

it's used in the code of many morphable parametric shapes !


if you need to check, just use this : https://github.com/BabylonJS/UserFunctions/blob/master/showNormals.js


btw, the new LineSystem could now be used in showNormals.js

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I guess I do not understand the PG, and yea I am dependent on some separate js files for the noise algorithms, but if I can include them then its on.

EDIT* And Jquery

also looking at the playground I dont see the option to attach external files or edit the head section of the page...

Ill post on my github if its a problem to get it on the playground

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