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"trigger" Collision in Phaser


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I'm new to Phaser, so this may be very simple...
Is there a way to define 2 objects that when they collide they don't bounce of eachother but go straight through?
e.g. in a top-down game when the character steps into a "hole".
I'd like to have my callback invoked but the character and hole sprites have to overlap...

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Sorry, I don't understand what you are asking about.

Overlap and collide work basically the same way, if you check the phaser you will find that they invoke the same functions, they differ in one parameter which is false for collide and true for overlap which results in a slightly different result but that's all.

When you use collide in update it is called every update unless you put some condition above it so I don't see what exactly you have a problem with.

If you need one object to overlap with the other one then just call overlap and do your stuff.

If you are using collide then you probably have something like this: physics.collide(obj1, obj2, //some other stuff) in your update function so if you need overlap instead of collision (which triggers only when they collide and then basically nothing) use: physics,overlap(obj1, obj2, //some other stuff). When you check for collisions you usually do it every update call too unless you have some other code that decides if you need to check the collision - but that is basically part of collision functionality in general too.

If you have any other conditions you can put them above that but you don't provide any more details about that so I can't help you with it.


PS: What do you mean by "call method just once and it will check this all the time"? How can you call something once and then do it al lthe time? The only thing I can come up with is a function with infinite loop which will kill the game.

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I saw in this example:

That they set the collision parameters in the create method, and then I guess that Phaser checks collisions by itself all the time.

As far as I understand, I should call the "Overlap" method every time I want to check if there is an overlap. I'd like it to work "automatically'...

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Hi again,

first of all I'd advise you to start with more details for example that you are using P2 physics ;-).

In your example they just set collisoin groups but the collision itself is undoubtly called all the time as well, it's the engine that takes care of it. You can imagine it the way that they turn collision ON for the groups and the call in update method is not written explicitly but is hidden in the engine somewhere - thus implicitly it's still in there.

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I know, I was hoping that there was some method for findingoverlaps that the engine calls instead of me...
Because if there isn't, I'll need to use this method MYSELF on all the pairs of sprites that I have in order to detect all the overlaps and this just sucks. :) 

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