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Pixi.js and GoogleBlockly using PythonJS


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I am working on a Pixi.js game engine using GoogleBlockly and PythonJS.  This blog post shows integration with Tween.js



demo source code:



See my binding to Pixi.js here:


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Hello hartsantler,


Welcome to HTML5 Game Devs Forum.  I took a look at your site, your demo and your demo source.  To me, your selection of tools is a little eccentric, but interesting nonetheless.  I think I'd be a lot MORE interested if I were big into Python (I know very little about Python).  I also tend to dislike graphical code editors, but this is the first time I had ever seen Google Blockly at work and I must admit they did a nice job with the visuals.  I was drawn in by your use of Pixi.js and TweenJS, as I am a fan of both - Pixi in particular.


I guess the above is not resounding support of what you have done, lol.  Let's put it like this:  I don't know Python and I don't like visual code editing... but nonetheless I am impressed by your work.  I am sort of surprised that nobody else has taken a look or at least commented.  It's worth a look-see for sure.

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