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OBJ Poly Count Maximum?

Mike Pelton

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Hi all - am loading meshes from single OBJ files into Babylon running in Chrome and am seeing what looks like a hard limit on the max number of facets somewhere between 400,000 and 500,000. Don't get me wrong - to be able to get anywhere near that number in a browser is absolutely astonishing, but am curious whether anyone knows where the limit's coming from. Can load the same models into MeshLab and my own DirectX code, so it isn't RAM (I've got 32GB) or the graphics card (GTX 690); is the code limiting it in some way, or could I get round it by segmenting the meshes and loading multiple models? All suggestions welcome!

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Hi and thanks for coming back so quickly. I don't get a console error, nor indeed an error in the browser - it looks like the loader just fails quietly. If it's not an obvious "seen it before" issue I don't want to chew your time (you have important work to do!!) so I will get some better data on what fails, and what doesn't, and come back to you.

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