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Exclude Some Meshes When Scene.Picking


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Hey guys. I actually just registered when I was trying to find an answer to this and google led me to another forum post on this forum. Basically, I am working with the babylon.js library and I am unsure of how to properly accomplish something. I currently have a terrain mesh and another mesh that I am using as the "targeting indicator" which is currently in the shape of a basic sphere. When the mouse moves across the terrain, the indicator is supposed to move to the position on the terrain corresponding to the mouse position. The problem is that, whenever the targeting indicator moves over to a spot, it then blocks the terrain mesh position used in future calculations with its own position/surface until the mouse leaves its mesh area.


Is there any way to specify scene.pick to exclude certain meshes? How would I go about getting the terrain mesh's position instead of the target indicator's position? I can provide some screenshots if you need me to be more specific.

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