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mouse behavior change between 3.0.8 and higher

Mathieu Anthoine

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In Pixi 3.0.8, if a Sprite (named "A") has its interactive property to true and has a function listening the "click" event, the sprites that are under "A" (with interactive to true and a function listening to click) don't fire a click event. "A" stops the propagation under it.

In Pixi 3.0.9 and higher, sprites that are under "A", fire the click event.

Is there a behavior change ? is it a bug ?

Thanks in advance

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The differences in the code that create the different behaviors are here (in the processInteractive method of InteractionManager) : 


            var child = children;
            // time to get recursive.. if this function will return if somthing is hit..
            if(this.processInteractive(point, child, func, hitTest, interactiveParent))
                // its a good idea to check if a child has lost its parent.
                // this means it has been removed whilst looping so its best
				hit = true;
                // we no longer need to hit test any more objects in this container ...
                //interactiveParent = false;
                // If the child is interactive , that means that the object hit was ...
                // This means we no longer need to hit test anything else. We still ...
                    hitTest = false;


            if(! hit  && hitTest)
                hit = this.processInteractive(point, children, func, true, interactive );
                // now we know we can miss it all!
                this.processInteractive(point, children, func, false, false );


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