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Babylon.JS limitations


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Apologies in advance if title is misleading and/or this is a webGL question.


  After reading http://blog.cityboundsim.com/just-two-years-im-starting-properly/ saying they decided to switch to C++ from webGL because of limitations, I just wondered if webGL is really quite limited therefore not suitable for every project. My seach for webGL limitations wasn't fruitful so I thought maybe you have some figures out of specification or experience.

  What concerns me most is number of sprites , so I'd be pleased to hear an even rough guesstimation about it. But rest is also welcomed ofc.

Best regards,

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I ithink his entire post can be summed up in one sentence:


"Since I didn't want to publish Citybound as a webapp anyways ..."

WebGL has limitations. Shadows, indices, other things. But those are limitations that you can overcome. It all depends what you need and expects from the technology. 

C++ would use the standard OpenGL and WebGL uses OpenGL ES (doesn't matter which version, it is a restricted version). But if you target native, and want very high performance, don't use WebGL :)


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Actually I already decided to use webGL but just trying to find out if it's already a lost cause.

I intend to use webGL with fixed projection having a heightmap and sprites on top of tiles. My long term plan is having a 1024*1024 map (short term is probably 128*128 or 64*64), so trying to figure out if it is viable, if not then how much is viable.

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