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WebGL drawing problem


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  after upgrading to win 10, PIXI started behave strange on my computer with WebGL renderer on Chrome. Simplest example is this:


Instead of clear static black shape i see the shape blinking, like if only every lets say 5th drawing cycle something is shown and everything, what should be drawn after this shape (another lines or sprites, which are above this path on the stage) is not drawn (except the moment when it blinks - then everything is shown). Strange thing is, If i remove one point from the path, it starts to work normally and the black shape is shown without blinking.

Probably its because some problem with graphics driver, ( Intel HD 4000 graphics) - webGL is not working at all at Firefox ( IE is ok though). It wouldnt be so big deal if i had to use canvas renderer instead of WebGL on the few computers, where its not working well, but i dont know, how could I detect that there is some problem, because no exceptions are shown at all. Also, the question is, how many people could experience this problem, if i am the developer and i dont even know, how to solve this problem on my computer? It worked perfectly for me since last summer when i started using PIXI.


Anybody have similar problem or is it just my computer and i can ignore this?



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