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Joint constructor bug?


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Not sure if I am tripping but, if I output a joint to the console the constructors for wheel and hinge2 seem to be the same

in the typescript file it reads:

public static DistanceJoint = 0;
public static HingeJoint = 1;
public static BallAndSocketJoint = 2;
public static WheelJoint = 3;
public static SliderJoint = 4;
public static PrismaticJoint = 5;
//ENERGY FTW! (compare with this - http://ode-wiki.org/wiki/index.php?title=Manual:_Joint_Types_and_Functions)
public static UniversalJoint = 6;
public static Hinge2Joint = PhysicsJoint.WheelJoint;
//Similar to a Ball-Joint. Different in params
public static PointToPointJoint = 8;
//Cannon only at the moment

public static SpringJoint = 9;

but then in the output to the console it reads

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I know Im dumb... I read my post after I wrote it, and then thought I hit close on the browser without posting it...  This was never supposed to be posted if you could delete it that would be awesome... I thought I saw the Wheel being assigned to 7 and then once I actually read instead of skimming I knew I was mistaken.

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