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problem with gravity and collision


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ok, one last question :)


i'am not if i get the gravity thing correct. from other engine(s) i usualy know  a process like thie: aktivate gravity, adding gravity to an object and it will keep falling down as long as the scene is running. if  i add a collider it will fall until it hits another collider.


why i have to move a object, in babylon, manualy down? isn't this making the gravity property a little useless or just i didnt get it right? :)


if i'am thinking a little further and i would like to make a player 'jumping' ... would this be a point where i have to use a real physicengine?

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Beware here: this will work if you enable the physics engine (plenty of great articles about it in our documentation)

The collision system is a lightweight system that you have to use manually. It is faster than the physics engine but less flexible and precise. It's basically the system used by the FreeCamera to simulate collisions with environment

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