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Does a light need to be a parent to its proxy for shadows to work well?


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Hi all

I am experimenting with lights and shadows in Babylon JS and really liking it!

I did stumble onto one thing that confuses me. Initially I was using an invisible box that I would use as a parent for a light source, a visible proxy for the light source, etc. Animate the invisible box and everything else follows nicely. This works fine for illumination. When I added shadows to the scene things broke down a little bit. If an object both receives and casts shadows then it fails to be illuminated.

Reversing the parent relationship fixes things - if the light source is the parent then illumination, shadows and animation all work smoothly.

Here are some playgrounds to show the different scenarios. I left out the animation as it doesn't seem relevant.

Light as parent to the proxy - Everything works

Proxy as parent to the light - casting shadows works but receiving shadows causes the blue box to lose illumination 

Proxy as parent to the light (receive only)  - casting shadows works, removed receive so that illumination works

So, am I missing something? Or is having the light as the parent just the way to go?

 - CT

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