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Disable Backspace Page Navigation On Playground


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I guess this is not really a bug... but kinda can be considered one.  I'm surprised no one has brought it up before.  I just about threw a fit when a near complete surface to air missile demo was just lost as I was trying to delete something out of the script.  For one reason or another the browser window had focus not the playground and it backed me out of the page.  I know you should save often, but I was trying to keep the playground clean and version-less so that the guy here on the forums I was finally getting around to making it for could go to town.

This is not the first time as well, I find myself quite often losing modifications because I hit run instead of save and at some point I hit the backspace.  Its really kinda pissing me off.

As an artist I understand you cant get mad over a botched attempt, its only a chance to refine what you were doing... but this is now the second time on this project its happened to me and for a split second in my mind I almost said #$!# babylon, its been a bad day so that normally would not be my impulse and so instead of getting all mad I decided I would post on here about possibly requesting a change to ignore browsers built in page navigation shortcuts (or at least a pop up that asks if you would like to navigate away from the page if data has changed and you did not save)

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Just got home and saw your post so I took 5 mins and fixed it here is the commit!  thanks for permission to do so.


the msg should more appropriately read:
"This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved."
but I don't feel like doing a whole new commit just for that, so ill leave it up to you when you approve and post changes.

this should handle new and old browsers fairly well.

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