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Spawning Enemies


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Hi guys!

I'm new to coding & to the forum, and I'd like some assistance in creating a function that spawns a new enemy at regular intervals at random locations on the screen. 

Attached is the code I've been tweaking with & all related content needed to run the game.html, but I am simply unsure how to go about creating this function, or how to call it at regular intervals.

Thanks in advance!














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To spawn an enemy in a random location at regular intervals you could do something like this.

var stageWidth = 1000;
var stageHeight = 1000;

var intervalInMilliseconds = 5000;

var enemies = [];

var enemyWidth = 50;
var enemyHeight = 100;

function spawnEnemy(){
    console.log('Spawn a new enemy!');

    // Generate a random x position.
    var randomXPosition = Math.floor(Math.random() * (stageWidth - enemyWidth)) + 1;
    // Generate a random y position.
    var randomYPosition = Math.floor(Math.random() * (stageHeight - enemyHeight)) + 1;
    //Create a new Enemy instance and use above coordinates to place it in a random spot.
    //Fill the rest of this object like you did with var bullet = {...}.
    var newEnemy = {
        xPosition: randomXPosition,
        yPosition: randomYPosition

    // Push your new enemy in the enemies array so you can render them all at once in the draw loop.

//This function will run 'spawnEnemy()' every 'intervalInMilliSeconds'.
setInterval(spawnEnemy, intervalInMilliSeconds);

I hope this clears things up, otherwise I'm glad to help you further.

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