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FbxExporter generated model got a 90 degree rotation of X-axis?


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I use FbxExporter to export the attached file rac_basic.fbx to babylon .

But after I load the generated file with babylonjs, it seems that the model get a 90 degree rotation of X-axis ? (The result is different from Autodesk's FBX Review tool.)

Is this a bug ?  



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Hi, Deltakosh

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I can rotate after loding it. But I have a more complex model, and after I rotate every mesh after loading, the meshes of some nodes did not display on the right position or with the correct rotation. (see attached pic)  

I use the following code to rotate it, is it right?

for(var m in meshes){
                meshes[m].rotation.x = Math.PI/2;


I have not try to import in blender 3d, and I will try it.

babylon sample.png

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Welcome to the forum. When load your file into MotionBuilder, I see the object and orientation below:rak_basic.jpg

If you are using MotionBuilder, the rotation you see is how the file was saved. I would parent the legs and rotate in MB, Maya, or Max - or an application with a Y axis up world orientation. I use the FBX format most of the time, as it is more flexible for objects and animations than Blender (depending on the scene), as well as most all attributes. I would rotate the objects 270 degrees (not 90 degrees) and freeze or bake all transforms (or just rotations) depending on which application you're using. If I knew which application you exported from, this would help answer your question. There are often orientation differences when exporting from various applications. However, the reason you are seeing a different orientation result in babylon is that the application you exported from must have a Z axis up world orientation, where as the FBX format is a Y axis up world orientation - and this is maintained in the FBX file format. Keep in mind that Blender is also Z axis up, but I believe this is corrected for .babylon during the export process. Also your object is not rotated 90 degrees, but you'll find that there is a 270 degree rotation placed on your models. Keep this in mind, as rotating 90 degrees will look correct, but numerically, your objects might have a 360 degree rotation added if you rotate 90 degrees instead of 270 degrees in the opposite direction.

And FYI - I saw upon loading that your scene contains NURBS surfaces, which I would convert to polygons before exporting, as well as your object is incredibly small, which can also cause a vast number of problems, and would be difficult to work with in babylon.js.


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@foura - So if you don't have MotionBuilder or another Autodesk app, I would do what @Deltakosh recomended, and load your file into Blender (free!), rotate either 90 degrees or 270 degrees - it doesn't matter as long as you bake the rotations (very important) after you orient your scene correctly. I haven't seen the FBX converter display incorrectly before, but I usually use MotionBuilder, and do almost everything except modeling in MB.

Good Luck,


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