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Determine if render draw is needed [SOLVED]


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Hello everyone,

in my application, I normally only need to render the 3D view after the user has changed some settings of the confugration or the view is being used (with either the mouse , finger or keyboard) the rest of the time no rendering is needed. But how can I know if Babylon is doing something that needs? 

For example:

  Can I look somewhere if the camera has stopped moving? (Especially when it's deaccelerating) Or an animation is running? 


Thanks for your answer!




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That's what I did so far :-)

But this forces me to check all events again and I still don't if the camera is moving or not.

Because of that I always have to render 3 or more seconds after mouseup. 

But it's not exact. I think Babylon internally has the informations I need but I don't know where.

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I have found what I looked for :-)

View3D.prototype.onRender = function onRender(force) {
  var cam = this.camera;

  if (cam.inertialAlphaOffset   ||
      cam.inertialBetaOffset    ||
      cam.inertialRadiusOffset  ||
      cam.inertialPanningX      ||
      cam.inertialPanningY      || force) {

This will only render on demand! :-)


PS: How can I set this topic to "Solved" ?

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