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mac os x user and code software


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I usually code with coda but doesn't seem to have any code suggestion for babylon.js

I try to look if in dash i could find a class reference but did not found anything

at last i found that MS has Visual Studio Code for Mac ( it seems free ) but don't come with intellisense for babylon

anyone has found a solution to get fast class reference on mac?


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VS:Code is really, really good. To get BJS code hints:

  1. Put a file called "jsconfig.json" in the root folder of your project
  2. Grab the Babylon definition file (like this one) and put it somewhere in your project

For step 1, this file tells Code where the root of your project is. There are some config settings you can put in it, but just an empty file will work for getting code hints.

For step 2, definition files declare a library's APIs. They're made for Typescript but Code will give you hints out of them even when you're writing JS. Note that there are d.ts files floating around for every major library, so you can get them for other stuff you're using as well.

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VSCode is really the ultimate weapon for JS or TS

that's what I use to contribute to BJS or do my own code

and I'm a Linux user, used to sublime text and Atom.io, so not initially inclined to promote MS products just because they are MS.

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