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Not a game - but can you help?


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Hi there, This isn't a game as such, but can you help? Or perhaps point me in the direction of somewhere I can go?

I am fairly proficient in web development, but I have a client who requires something that is a bit outside of my scope/timescales.

They are in need of an "interactive brochure" of sorts. It needs to be able to work on an iPad. It can be web based, but, it will be required to work offline, but I'm fairly sure you can get iOS apps that will pull content to view in offline mode. So I don't think thats an issue.

Basically they're after something like this... http://likelode.com/clientarea/fleet-brochure-interactive/

I think Adobe Edge can perform the task. But if you have any other means then open to suggestions.

How much would you quote for something like that? Obviously I don't know the full brief yet, but if you could basically quote as if you were building that specific brochure, that would be great.

Thank you for your time :)


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You can do it all in HTML, either inside an app wrapper or just serve from the web, the 2nd is probably preferable as there is no download required and brochures need to be easy to pick up and read, hence the web is a perfect mechanism for this. The problem is the offline bit.

Apps can pull in all the assets (JS, images, CSS etc) and store them locally then point a webview to that local resource, optionally looking for fresh content if that content ever changes. Web-apps can also do this, generally true offline is achievable on desktop browsers but the iPad and phone are fickle beasts when it comes to supporting features like this from the web (blame Apple, its not difficult to see that Apple have a vested interest in hampering complex web applications, at least at the moment). Financial Times spent a whole heap of cash coming up with solutions for this problem cross-browser, they are not easy to replicate.

disclaimer: I previously worked for a company that did this exact thing, took IDML from InDesign and transformed it into HTML to be embedded in a web app, usually for magazines or brochures.

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