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playing Audio on key frames


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  I'm working on a project where I have a timeline. The visual part is quite easy because I keep an external array of key frame to push into my aimations.  I'd like to do the same thing with the sound files, so if I user decides they want to play a sound 2 seconds into the scene, I can time it right with the animations.  Currently, I'm maintaining an external array, and an external frame counter, that looks like this:

var keyFrame = 0;

timer = setInterval(collectData, 500 / kps); //keys per second

var collectData = function(){
    if(isRecording === true){
    var character = {};
   character.keyFrame = keyIndex;
   character.x = currentCharacter.plane.position.x;
   character.y = currentCharacter.plane.position.y;
 //  currentCharacter.characterPath.push(character);
 currentCharacter.characterPath[keyIndex] = character;  //these paths are pushed into Babylon animations

for audio, I am basically keeping a separate array with code that does something like this:

var soundArray = [...];
//check to see if the keyIndex is mateches any of the frames

if(frame === keyIndex){




my question, is there any more efficient way to have the scene play the sound, rather than managing it externally?



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