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Ribbons and lighting


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Hey everyone!

Apparently I didn't quite understand how ribbons work, even after reading the extensive tutorials.

I've set up a playground with a very basic ribbon made from 2 Vector3 arrays (base and heights) gave the whole thing a material and set a box next to it to further illustrate my problem.



Since I'm not a 3D programming crack, could any of you explain what causes that weird lighting? Is this be a face- or vertex-normal problem? Does it happen because I build the ribbon the wrong way?

Where did I go wrong? :)

Cheers, Lesterhaus


p.s.: Please forgive the weird xyz-coordinates used - I'm working on a demo where I send batches of drawcommands to babylon js for extrusion and just copy/pasted it into the playground for tests

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Well, not sure if that's explanation enough, but if you convert your mesh to flat shaded, it looks like the cube: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1HLWTQ#5

I think ribbons are basically intended for rounded surfaces so it starts of as ..well.. not flat shaded :P But as you can see, you can easily convert it. Does that help?

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