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How to learn a javascript game (slither.io) for modding (tampermonkey)?


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Recently I've become interested in game programming using JavaScript for web browsers, and after inspecting the source code, I decided to inspect and hopefully learn from the source code of the browser game called Slither.io. The client code is written in a somewhat minimalist fashion, and has just over 4500 lines of code, but I wanted to write and experiment with tampermonkey scripts for the game, to just experiment with it. Whilst I'm planning to write these scripts not for the sole purpose of education, the motives I have for the scripts are the exact same which I've had a long time ago, when I wanted to mod another game, which taught me programming.

I know the javascript syntax fluently, but not the native libraries, and not much of the interaction with HTML. I wanted to ask where and/or how can I learn about the game, currently for no more than, creating scripts with tampermonkey to experiment with the game? I hope this makes sense :|

Kind Regards,

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