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Refresh diffuseTexture on mesh and CreateScreenshot ?


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I am new to this forum and I really love this. I have been playing with babylon.js now for a year and really enjoying the framework. Mostly I have found answers to my problems here or on the playground.

Now I just can't solve this issue. I have a model which you can upload new picture (.jpq) through web site. I upload the picture to server ( new picture replaces the old one e.g. table1.jpg)

What I have been doing is reloading the page after upload. But now I would like to do this without upload. I kind of managed to do this:


var scene = engine.scenes[0];

scene.materials.forEach(function (thematerial) {

if (typeof (thematerial.diffuseTexture) != 'undefined') {

var newfilelocation = thematerial.diffuseTexture.url;

thematerial.diffuseTexture.hasAlpha = true;

thematerial.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture(newfilelocation, scene, true, true, 3, null, null, null, true);



This reloads materials and I can see result as I want to. But after this I also would like to take a snapshot and upload that picture to server.


BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot(engine, scene.cameras[0], { width: cw, height: ch });

I have got this to work put after updating the mesh (materials) the picture materials are all black. Is there a way to avoid this?

I guess this is to do with the last buffer parameter = true, but this is the only way I have managed to reload the mesh materials?

Screenshot works fine if I hook it up to button and use it there right after upload and without loading the page...


I hope this makes sence :D



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Hi Mauri,

you will need to wait at least one frame for the textures to actually load. this is why they are black. you could do that in a callback running after the rendering was done, something like this:

scene.registerAfterRender(function screenshot() {

So it will be executed after the scene rendered, and only one time.

And sorry, just have to ask - why are you checking if the type of the diffuse texture is != undefined? It will be enough to simply check if it exists, using if(material.diffuseTexture) { //do something }

And just a small note - you might want to dispose the old texture before creating a new one. before creating the new texture, call thematerial.diffuseTexture.dispose() to clear up the resources.

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