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3ds max exporter to babylon


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Hello guys ,


Please I need your help . I do not know for what reason but I am not able to run the babylon file exported from 3ds max . No matter what max file I export to babylon , it never shows in the browser .

What am I doing wrong ? I also tried to run it with the babylon sandbox but no success . For sure , it's something wrong with the exporter .

Please advice .


thank you so much




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Please show the logs in the babylon.js version by checking the proper checkbox in the left panel of our debug layer. We will see if there are errors while loading textures.

Also, as asked by @Deltakosh, can you please check that the texture are available in the same directory as the one containing the .babylon file?


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Hi again guys ,

I need your help . I just want to check if the exporter really works .  I tried several 3ds files to export but till no, no success .

Does anyone has a 3ds file for which the export really worked (textures loaded ) .

Thank you



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@danman the exporter works fine, try making a simple 10 x 10 plane & give it a random texture, remember to center it after creation (right-click -> move -> just below the view-port's there are x y z value fields, make sure they are all set to 0.

also, which exporter version are you using?


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If you exported the object with texture, simply put the texture file in the same folder than the object when you load it.

To check existing errors, you can use the Firefox "Developer Tools" (CTRL + Shift + I)

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