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Hello seasoned developers I'm a newbie but have a strong passion on building my first project using Babylon. As a newbie I find it hard to ask the right question because lack of knowledge/terms that most developer use (I'm working on that). So this is my first project and I haven't made any progress with just creating scenes in Babylon that load correctly which I tested a couple of times. So now I would like to ask what is the process of getting started?

I'm using 3ds max exporter plugin/button and thanks to some advise I receive from one of my post I can import to Babylon.  My next question is about the workflow 

1. If I don't have lights in my scene in 3ds max is that the reason it not showing when I export to Babylon

2. Should I render my scene in 3ds max before I export to Babylon

3. Is there anybody with experience willing to show me the basic

Thanks for reading my post


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Hi Maverton,

Welcome to the community :)

Answer to your 3rd question - There are many tutorials online! I would first start with the official http://doc.babylonsjs.com and take it from there. There are beginners tutorials and more advanced tutorials once you understand the basics.

Any question you have will be answered here gladly, especially if you show us where you are stuck. 

To answer your other questions:

1) yep, probably :) If you see black objects, it is because of lights

2) no, Babylon is in charge of rendering. It might look a bit different due to the power of 3ds compared to the different way WebGL ( and Babylon.js) are rendering the scene, but at the beginning I guess you won't really notice a major difference.

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Thanks for the advice and welcoming me to the community which by the way has been very helpful. I look forward to studying your book I hope it has answer to some basic question most people already know like how to import from other 3d software. I'm still learning how to create lights and camera work in 3ds max. so itll be a while before I start loading some of my work into Babylon.

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Hi @Maverton,

I agree with @RaananW, that just the tutorials on the doc site https://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials will get you started. In addition I would without a doubt, set up a simple object like a cube, use a UVmap texture map to map all sides of the object, then set a single light and camera, and export that to a .babylon.js file. Then this will allow you to see if it loads correctly into a babylon scene. Finding the right workflow is never really that straight forward for any new user, so if you find problems, you will be able to post specific elements to this forum to get help. And there re already lots of answers to your questions on this forum if you do a search.

Also, by going through the tutorials, you will see that most of your work will be in code, and little in 3DSMax - depending on what you're doing, but a reasonable understanding of both is necessary. And I highly advise learning how to build a playground scene with your cube, camera, and light .babylon scene. This is the simplist wy to test many issues and to receive help from the community; and it's SO easy.

Good luck,


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hmm, I don't recommend starting with importing models, because that's quite a frustrating process. It's also prone to errors if you're just starting out.

Via the official tutorials, I suggest building simple meshes (boxes, spheres), basic materials and textures, animations, heightmap, skybox, particles, shadows and then finally figuring out how to build a simple, structured game. Once you have that base, then you can start importing models via 3dmax/Blender.

At least this was how I approached it, and it's working well for me! 

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