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Video texture issue on Chrome (12 pixels stretched/repeated bottom and right side)


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I'm experiencing a weird video texture issue on Chrome. I found this Chromium bug report, which seemingly describes the same problem with the Flash plugin, but I'm seeing the same thing with Pixi video textures (and most likely any other "Canvas video"):


Does anyone have any experience with this, and maybe even a way to work around it?

The video is scaled in height, and the remaining pixels (where the video should have been, shows the bottom line of pixels repeated/stretched . The repeated/stretched pixels are always 12 pixels.
The issue seems to be dependent on the size of the video. I did a number of tests with the same video encoded as baseline mp4 (the height seems to be the determining factor, but I don't see any convincing pattern):

    930x180    Fails
    960x400        Works
    1116x216        Fails  
    1025x256        works
    1024x256        Works
    1024x257        works
    1024x216        Fails
    300x216        Fails
    1024x400        Works
    1024x200        Fails
    1024x254        Works
    1024x230        Fails
    1024x240        Works
    1024x235        Fails
    1024x232        Fails
    1024x238        Fails
    1024x239        Works
    512x239        Works
    512x238        Works
    512x118        Fails
    512x119        Fails
    512x120        Fails
    512x140        Works
    512x130        Fails
    90x130        Fails

Changing from CanvasRenderer to WebGlRenderer does not make any difference.
If I make a standard HTML video element, with the same video source, I do not see the issue.
(running Chrome 50.0.2661.94 m, but this is not a new issue)

This is my own repro of the issue. In this the issue also occured in the right side of the video - but mostly it occurs in the bottom:


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