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Is Ray-Traced Rendering like Threejs coming anytime soon ?


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I was playing around with those things already ...
The basics for ray tracing are there. BabylonJs supports ray casting already. It wouldn't be difficult to write a primitve ray tracing algorithm (like the one in ThreeJs).
But i don't think it will be very usefull. I don't know what you want to achieve with this but you should not expect to get photo realistic results for complex scenes (or it will render for ages).
The Ray-Traced renderer in ThreeJS also gets very slow if you try to render complex scenes ... and the result looks like a rendering from 30 years ago ;)
JavaScript is not really the best language for fast ray tracing ^_^

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Well , good to know this.  We are developing based on babylon and needed rendering. We thought Threejs, has that and we are loosing out being on babylon. Good to know that the one threejs has isn't practical one. ;)   


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