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Elevator up direction falling thought mesh


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I got a 3dModel of an elevator. I trigger a button for it's position with the following code: 

myMesh.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.InterpolateValueAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickTrigger, myMesh,"position.y",-2.6, 1000)) //down
.then(new BABYLON.InterpolateValueAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickTrigger, myMesh,"position.y",0.001, 1000)); //up

Witch works great!

Accept when my char wants to get up again, he is falling through the ground, - the mesh.
Few workarounds that come into my head, like check the state of the "event" an apply new gravity or new cam position.

What's the easiest one?

Any suggestions are highly appreciated! 


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@Nabroski-Hi Nabroski.

Very interesting playground. But neither the up movement nor the down movement is working right I think. At least in this playground. It seems that the camera does not update its collision status.

I think you have to use the "moveWithCollisions()" call to update the position. Maybe these links could help: 

http://playground.babylonjs.com/#1NQTNE#11 and the corresponding thread here:

Another opportunity is to move the cam (=your character) synced with the elevator. Like this:

scene.registerBeforeRender(function () {
	if (xDown) {
		elevator.position.y -= 0.01;
		camera.position.y -= 0.01;

Here is a quick and dirty example: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#21GEQY

Of course you need to implement some more checks to know whether your cam is in the elevator right now and when to stop and so on. I think this is the easiest way in your case.

Maybe you could use the physics engine with cannon or oimo. But this could be oversized.

I'm still new to babylon, sorry if I'm misleading and correct me if I'm telling crap ;-)

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