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Instanced Mesh Hierachies


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Does BabylonJS support instancing with mesh hierachies (ie. not just a single mesh when using Mesh.createInstance(), but it also instances the children/descendents that exist under that Mesh?) I want to batch render the individual transforms of the children/descdents that exists under that Mesh (ie. similar to joints, ie. the descendent meshes can be independently transformed), but without hooking it up to an animated skin joint system.

I also noticed the InstancedBones example doesn't really optimize any draw calls. 12 animated skin instances = 12 draw calls. Is this because each skin already has too many vertex-group bindings per bone inside each skeleton? Would it be optimized for simpler skeletons like a skeleton of 5 bones and such? 

Also, the instancing seems limited if it only allows being able to manage individual transforms per clone,but not differ in terms of hierachy/skeletons. Normally, most games would require each clone to be independently animated when it comes to poses, yet still allow for batching their draw calls.

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1. Not directly but it is a really easy to write function :)

2. Not sure to follow you. Look here: http://www.babylonjs.com/Demos/InstancedBones/. Open the debug layer and see the draw calls: 13. Turn off shadows. Now only 6 (1 for the ground and 1 for each submeshes (5))

3.Correct. This is something we should add in the future


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